Here you can stream some of our music. These songs are offered as streaming only. If you are interested in buying our music contact us and we will be glad to take your order. Vocal harmonies on

Zombie Disease by John Cason (Exiled, Ritual Steel) Bass on Zombie Disease by Rock Rollain, Ultra Low Bass by Candy Masters. Rock and Candy also contributed to the Zombie Sounds. **Rock and Candy appear courtesy of Master Rock Records.** Guitar on Zombie Disease by Michael Perkins.

We recorded a metal version of Carol of The Bells a couple years back for Alice Cooper’s “A Taste Of Christmas Pudding” CD. Produced by Anthony Lustmord, Daniel Beck, Michael Beck, Rock Rollain, Scourge, and Alice Cooper.

Recorded at Sound Vision Studios Tempe AZ! If you wish to order a copy of this CD, we have a few available for $15. We are not listing them on our store section so contact us and ask for the CD. All Proceeds from the CD sales go to Alice Coopers Solid Rock Foundation.